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During your stay here in Canada, we want you to thrive and can help you meet any practical needs that you may have.

IMPACT English

Impact English provides in-person English classes. The classes cover pre-intermediate to upper level English learners. The program specifically for native French speakers who would like to improve their English skills. Please do a level test and sign up the appropriate class on their website: Impact English.

They also offer free one-on-one English, job consultation and  employment assistance for internationals. If you

are interested in their services provided, please sign up for their online appointment. 

Note: Please use Google translate tool to translate the website contents, they welcome students from different nationalities and language level.

Impact English
Friday Night English

In-person English Program starts on April 4 and April 13, 2024

The in-person English program will start on April 4, 2024 until May 9. There will be an AM (10-11:30am) and PM (6-7:30pm) classes and the program is run on every Thursday.

We are currently partnering with Snowdon Baptist Church (SBC) and the Church of St. Mark and St. Peter (CMP). SBC's Saturday program will start on April 13, 2024. (Open for registration)

If you are interested in joining one of our English programs, please text English to: 438-500-0896 and you will receive a short form to fill out your contact info. 

Canadian Idioms

Idioms can help improve your conversational skills because it shows native speakers that you understand the cultural meaning and context behind the idiom you're using


We post one Canadian idiom a day on our Facebook Page and Instagram. 

Welcome to follow us and like the page, we hope you enjoy the daily learning and connect well with local Canadians!!!

Canadian Idioms

How Can We Help You?

If you have any other needs that you would like to talk with us about, 

please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

How can we help you?
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